For Carpark Owners & Operators

By making it as convenient as possible for your customers, you will see increases in number of visitors and the frequency of their visits. This ultimatly results in higher occupancy and increased revenue. Your customers will be happier and more loyal. Start profiting from SurePark from the first month!

Attract More Drivers

Whether you are managing a garage, surface lot or street parking, our system gives drivers real-time information of the occupancy and performance of each individual spot. All day, every day, wherever you are.

Don’t break a sweat

Our sensor network is designed with you in mind, so installation is fast and easy. The system is battery powered and no drilling or wiring is nessessary to get started.

Be Mr. Know-it-all

From our dashboard you oversee all your carparks and how they are performing. The historical and predictive data give you a better understanding of what goes on in your car park and how you can improve it.

Smile with your visitors

We direct your visitors from their home all the way to where the available spots are. It’s less frustrating and time consuming for them to park their car.

Improve Visitor Experience

Reserve Parking

When customers want to be sure they get a spot at the most convenient location or time, they can reserve it from the mobile app. A physical parking barrier will be raised to prevent anyone from taking the spot and as the customer approach the spot, the bar lowers it self.

Indoor Navigation

No more circling isle after isle to find a available parking spot. Our system give the customer a map view and turn by turn direction to the closest available spot. When the customer wants to find their way back to the car, we can tell them exactly where it is.

Smart Routing

The customer indicates where they want to go and SurePark’s smart routing feature will find the closest carpark with the most convenient available parking spots. If the system notice that the carpark is quickly running out of spots it will find another carpark with more availability.

Voice Search

We want the customer to focus their full attention on their driving. Searching for available parking using their voice rather than a keyboard is faster, safer and more convenient.


Carparks can be enormous and hard to navigate. SurePark automatically keeps track of where the customers car is parked, so finding back to it will be easy as a breeze.

Parking Timer

No more pesky surprises when customers leave your carpark. With SurePark they always know how much they are paying and can even set a reminder so it doesn’t get to expensive.

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